The concept from the beginning

Ah, the eighties… The decade reigned by the Walkman and VHS, Madonna and Michael Jackson, shoulder pads and backcombing. Those were some years of transgression full of color.

It was also the time when the Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, began their journey across the world, finding themselves with new artistic, cultural and philosophical influences.

The fresh look of the surfers living to the south of the State was a discovery and they were fascinated by the psychedelia of the northern part of the United States. That innovative and strange fashion was the beginning of everything, and so, from that colorful, chaotic and spontaneous inspiration, CUSTO Line emerged.

Thus, the Dalmau brothers got down to work and began to experiment with various printing techniques, paying special attention to graphic design, with which they felt particular affinity. The use of color and patterns was predominant in a original and bold way.

In this way the essence of CUSTO BARCELONA was established, marking its own vision of fashion and creating a style as personal as authentic; in which, as in its beginnings, color triumphs.